Where a journal subscription does not exist, Emerald's journal articles are available to rent from DeepDyve or on a pay-per-view basis.

To rent an article, simply click on the 'Access options' button, click through to the rental option, then follow the instructions on DeepDyve's site. The link will only appear if there is no subscription to the journal itself and the article has not been published as Earlycite content. Earlycite content contains the following status in its citation details: 'Ahead-of-print'.

You can rent an Emerald article for 24 hours for a fraction of the cost of purchasing and owning your own copy of an article. When you rent an article you can read the article online or alternatively pay for a PDF download.  

Important note:
DeepDyve is an online rental service which has a licence to host our content. DeepDyve is a separate company to Emerald. Emerald provides DeepDyve with the content but the rental arrangement is an arrangement between DeepDyve and the renter.

If you require direct assistance from DeepDyve or have any issues with their service, please make use of their FAQ support pages or email their customer support desk at customercare@deepdyve.com.