In January 2020, Emerald partnered with Oxford Analytica to give academics access to the same information global leaders have at their disposal to assist research and learning. Expert Briefings explore the implications and impact of global emerging trends and developments, capturing the impartial analysis and commentary of independent leaders and academics on political, social and economic events.

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Expert Briefings is a digital product that is only available to academic institutions through Emerald Publishing. If you are based at an academic institution and would like a trial to this content, please ask your library to contact their regional office. 

Free content related to COVID-19 and the management of epidemics 

Free, COVID-19 related Expert Briefings are available here


Corporates, individuals and public sector customers 
If you are not based in an academic institution but would like access to this content, you may be interested in a similar service direct from Oxford Analytica, the Oxford Analytica Daily Brief

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