Emerald journals operate article-level publishing (ALP), whereby articles are processed for EarlyCite publication immediately following acceptance. You will receive an email notification to alert you when your article publishes to EarlyCite and this will be displayed under the heading 'Recent Articles' within the journal's table of contents on Insight.

EarlyCite articles are compiled into the next available journal issue based on date of copyright assignment. Special issue EarlyCite articles are held until the special issue publication date. To find out which issue your article will feature in, please contact the Supplier Project Manager for the journal. The contact details are shown under the link to 'Editorial Team' which features to the right of the online Table Of Contents on Emerald Insight.

If you are struggling to sign into ScholarOne, support is available through the useful guides on ScholarOne's Help Pages:-

If you continue to experience problems, please contact ScholarOne support at S1help@Clarivate.com. Please remember to quote the journal and, if you have one, the manuscript ID. The more information you can provide, the quicker they will be able to help you.