Should you decide to submit your article for open access publication with Emerald, there are three options available, one of which (the first option) will require payment.

1. You can choose to publish your article via the Gold Open Access route for a fee. The option to publish your paper as Gold Open Access is available across all our journals, article processing prices for this vary. For more detailed information, please see our open access pages.  

2. You can also choose to publish your paper via the subscription route and still publish your paper open access via the Green Open Access route, free from payment and embargo periods. For an outline of our Green Open Access policy, including information on where the author can deposit their Author Accepted Manuscript, please refer to our open access pages.

3. You can also choose to publish your article in one of the Platinum Open Access Journals (if the content is suitable), which are published in partnership with organizations such as universities and associations. There are no charges for the author for these sponsored publications. For a full list of Fully Open Access (Sponsored) journals, please refer to the open access journals list.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Open Research Publishing.