The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 is still being felt by all of us, globally. With social distancing remaining an important method to ensure our safety, it is important that we can all stay as connected as possible. 

Researchers and students
Even if your university is closed, you can continue to access Emerald research wherever you are in the world. As a first option we recommend starting your research via your institutional library website where you will be passed through to Emerald Insight using whatever authentication method the library has chosen for use.

The welcome message on Insight will determine whether you have been authenticated by your institution:
A guest user message indicates that you have not been authenticated for access. 

If your institution uses Shibboleth or OpenAthens to support remote login, you will be able to find your institution using the blue 'Access through your institution' login button which appears on both the article's homepage and via the login page at
If your institution does not appear during your search then, unfortunately, this option is not available to you and you should speak with your university library for further assistance: Further information and answers to FAQs is available here:-
Support for students and researchers using off-campus access 

Account Administrators

In order to ensure that users are able to access the Emerald Insight platform during university closures, we have collated information so that our customers are fully informed about the access options available for your Emerald subscriptions.

Emerald have four options for off-campus access, namely:

  • Proxy access please see our dedicated information page here.
  • SeamlessAccess / Federated access (Shibboleth/OpenAthens) 
  • Organization Access Numbers
  • Referring URL


SeamlessAccess (Shibboleth/OpenAthens)

Federated access essentially allows each student or faculty member to have their own, single user sign on to all of the institution’s subscriptions (not just those associated with Emerald), via the library’s discovery tool or library portal. 

The Shibboleth software is open source and freely available to registered members (there may be a registration fee for new Federations). Member Institutions will need to register directly with Shibboleth, before contacting Emerald.

Once the institution is registered with a federation, the registering user/Library Administrator will receive an “entity ID” and they should then contact Customer Support ( for further assistance. Emerald is currently compliant with the federations listed here (this will be updated as new federations sign up).

Organisation Access Number (OAN)

An Organization Access Number allows each student or faculty member to have profile-based access to the institution’s Emerald account. This is accessed via the student/faculty members profile when they are logged in directly on the Emerald platform, or by logging in once they have arrived on the site via a search or discovery tool.


The OAN replicate’s the institution’s access rights to the profile and can have an expiry date of up to one year.  We can create an OAN for up to 1000 users and each end-user must then register a profile with the OAN - shared single sign-on is not permitted. The OAN can also be added to an existing user profile. Please note, registering an OAN against a profile will not provide automatic access to the Teaching Notes for Emerald's eCase collections.

To request an OAN for your institution, please ask your university library to contact Emerald Customer Support ( .

Referring URL access

We can establish referring URL access from a URL which sits behind a firewall and is not otherwise visible to unauthorized users. This must be a https:// URL and not be in the public domain. Please contact Emerald Customer Support ( for further information.

Ongoing support and guidance

If you have any queries, concerns or requests in relation to the above, please contact Emerald Customer Support ( in the first instance.