Emerald is happy to correct factually incorrect information, for example, a formula containing an error and typesetting mistakes; however, it is our policy not to correct typos or make changes to content that has already been accepted for publication.

It should be noted that all research articles are effectively a "snapshot" of research at a particular moment in time, and that they cannot be expected to be updated to reflect changes of circumstance or updated research. The affiliation and author name published on the article should also be the affiliation and author name at the time the research was conducted.

If you have spotted an error in your published article, please contact the Content Editor of the journal. The Content Editor’s details can be located via the journal's information page. Links to the journal information pages are listed in the journal a-z index. and the content editor's details can be found under the link to 'Editorial Team'.

Please remember to include the article DOI and journal name as this will enable us to respond to your request more quickly.