Emerald makes the following promises to its community of over 130,000 authors:

  • Journal author – three months' access to all Emerald journals with max 40 downloads (same access granted to journal reviewers).
  • Book series author – three months' access to Emerald books with max 40 downloads, on a chapter-by-chapter basis(same access granted to book series reviewers). 
  • Case Study author – three months' access to Emerald case studies, with max 10 downloads (same access granted to case study reviewers). Please note this exludes access to the associated teaching notes.

The above editorial stakeholders each receive an access notification, within ten days of the article being published to the platform. Reviewers will receive a notification in the calendar month following the month in which they submitted their review. Once you have activated the link in this notification:-

  • You will either be prompted to choose a password or asked to log in. If you're asked to choose a password, please do so. If you are asked to log in, please use the ‘Forgot your password’ link to reset your account and create a password. 

  • When using your access token, you may see that access is restricted against your search results. This is expected behaviour. 

  • If the research is available to you as part of that entitlement, you will be invited to use one of your credits to download the full text once you have clicked to the article's homepage:

If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact Customer Support.