Our new Usage portal launched on 12th September 2019. All registered library administrators were invited to activate their account and create a password on the new portal. If you do not yet have access and are the registered library administrator for your institution's Emerald account, please contact Emerald Customer Support for assistance.

The invitations are sent from support@powered-by.liblynx.com. You may need to white-list this email address to prevent your institutional firewall from blocking the email or flagging it as junk. This is important as it's also the email address from which your usage reports are dispatched.


The usage portal is delivered at https://connect.liblynx.com.
Please bookmark this page as it is not currently linked to from the Emerald platform. Our Library administration area is still in development and will be released in the coming months.

The usage portal includes:

  • Full-month COUNTER 5 data from January 2019 onward (new R5 reports are added each month, retrospectively, so November data is available from the first week in December, and so on and so forth.)
  • 2 years archive of COUNTER 4 compliant statistics dating from January 2017 – March 2019

For step-by-step instructions on accessing these usage reports, take a look at our simple guide created for library administrators


COUNTER have made some significant changes to the reports available in their R5 release. One significant change is that COUNTER 5 no longer offers a consortia report (CR1) showing the aggregated usage from all members of the consortia. In order to generate overall usage for consortia a bulk download of all members reports will need to be made and the data from all institutions consolidated.

For further information, please see COUNTER's "Friendly Guides to..." via their own platform at: https://www.projectcounter.org/friendly-guides-release-5/