Occasionally you will see an "access restricted" indicator in your search results on on the article page itself:

The access restricted message can appear for a number of reasons:

  • You haven't been authenticated correctly - please contact Customer Support if the welcome message in the top left of your screen is incorrect.
  • You have registered a profile but have no access privileges associated with your account. Please see our profile information page.
  • Your institution doesn't have a subscription to the content you are trying to view.
  • You are trying to access Expert Briefings - the URL contains "OXAN" in the URL string. Please see our Expert Briefings guide.
  • You are an editorial stakeholder who has recently received your access details. Please see our guide to using your stakeholder access tokens.

To avoid disappointment, we recommend confining your search to "Only content I have access to": 

This will ensure that you have authorisation to view the full-text journal article, case study or book chapter in the returned results:

If you feel that you should have access to the "restricted access" content, or are concerned about your authentication, please contact Emerald Customer Support for guidance.