Emerald accept submissions to both The Cases Journal and Emerging Markets Case Studies

The Cases Journal

The CASE Journal (TCJ) is the official journal of The CASE Association, the leading online, double-blind, peer reviewed journal featuring factual teaching cases and case exercises spanning the full spectrum of business and management disciplines. TCJ invites submissions of cases designed for classroom use. Cases from all business disciplines will be considered. Cases must be factual, with releases available where necessary, and all cases must be accompanied by an instructors’ manual/teaching note that identifies the intended course, relevant theoretical concepts or models that can be applied and the research methodology for the case.

Emerging Markets Case Studies

Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS) specialises in case content from and about emerging markets, regions which are traditionally underrepresented in teaching case collections but which offer unique and important insights. EMCS welcomes well-researched, instructive, and multimedia online cases about the most interesting companies in complex emerging market contexts, to be used by faculty to develop effective managers globally. Cases must be factual with releases available where necessary and the accompanying Teaching Note should apply comprehensive and recent theoretical perspectives to the appropriate learning activities detailed.

Submitting your case study

The guide below offers advice on how to write your case study and its associated teaching note:-

For further information about writing and submitting a case study please visit our Cases Resources, or register on our Cases Hub for additional support and resources: