When you publish a teaching case with Emerald, the Cases Team are here to help you through the submission process. 

Query typeMain contact
Where to submit, i.e. which publication would be appropriate for my teaching case
Cases Commissioning Lead
How to submit a teaching case / 
Online submission concerns or technical issues

Journal Editorial Office (JEO)
Permissions and case study consent queries
Journal Editorial Office (JEO)

Peer review or teaching case status enquiries

Case Publication Editor and / or Journal Editorial Office (JEO)
Plagiarism, fraud or Conflict of Interest (COI) complaints
Case Publication Editor -
Emerging Markets Case Studies
The CASE Journal
Publication enquiries
(post-acceptance, pre or post publication)

Production Project Manager (Cases)
Report errors, inaccuracies in published online content
Production Project Manager (Cases)

Please see our additional guidance on publishing your teaching case:-

How do I submit a case study for publication?

Emerald Cases Hub - free, online resources which are designed to help you write a quality case study and increase your chances of publication in our eCase collections or The Cases Journal.