The Emerald Cases Hub provides free, online resources which are designed to help you write a quality case study and increase your chances of publication in our eCase collections or The Cases Journal

Our first four modules cover the requirements for writing a case study and guide an author through the complete journey from identifying a need, preparing to write, the actual writing process and finally evaluating your case study prior to submission.

For example, Module 4: Evaluating your case study

Once you’ve written a case study we have tons of useful advice for streamlining your route to publication in this module. We get a lot of questions about common reviewer feedback, peer review and classroom testing and we’ve curated all that information here, in the form of snippet videos from Rebecca Morris, a case writing expert.

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The site is designed to help you write a great case study and get it published. Hopefully you'll find it easy to use, but if you need any help at any point, please contact the Emerald Cases Learning Hub team.