Emerald support proxy access from EZproxy version 6.1 and above and which are Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.2 compliant. 

Self-hosted EZproxy

Our database definitions are:-

T (title): Emerald
U (url): https://www.emerald.com/insight
HJ (host): www.emerald.com
DJ (domain java script): www.emerald.com


T (title): LibLynx
U (url): https://connect.liblynx.com
HJ: (host)connect.liblynx.com
DJ: (domain java script): connect.liblynx.com

You can include the previous URL www.emeraldinsight.com as a HJ reference.

Should your institution authenticate based on host name, we ask that you ensure that a current wildcard SSL certificate is in use. Without this, users could experience security error messages in their browser when attempting to access the Emerald web platform which could result in them being rejected from access to the site. Our SSL requirements are shown here.

Transport Layer Security 

Due to our https:// compliancy, we can no longer provide access for servers using a TLS version which is lower than v1.2 when communicating with our websites. All clients able to speak TLS v1.2 will be considered safe and thus allowed to communicate with our servers. Please note, this applies only to stand-alone EZproxy customers. All customers hosted by OCLC are running versions that are TLS 1.2 compliant.