Following our platform migration to Emerald Insight, we have identified some common issues with authentication, for which resolutions are available. The following information resolves 90% of access issues and we would be grateful if you could cross-check each element to ensure access is available for your patrons. If you continue having access issues having followed the below checks, please do not hesitate to contact Emerald Customer Support.

IP addresses

Please send your IP ranges through to Customer Support in order that we verify that all IPs are registered against your account.


We are seeing instances where customers with IPv6 ranges are not being authenticated, even if IPv4 ranges are registered against the Emerald account. It appears that the IPv6 is over-riding the IPv4 authentication and causing an error. If you are using IPv6 and IPv4 ranges, please can you advise us of the IPv6 range(s) - ideally in its CIDR form - so that we can register them against your account.

Proxy settings

Please ensure that your proxy settings match those in our guide to proxy settings. The LibLynx stanza must be included to facilitate off-campus access and it seems that, in some instances, this has been overlooked: 


We have contacted OCLC and asked them to ensure that the LibLynx information is also displayed in their database definitions for Emerald.

If you any further issues with your proxy access, please do contact your local OCLC support Desk for assistance


We are seeing instances where conflicting search results are being displayed in the Shibboleth/OpenAthens, as per this example:

We have raised this bug with our platform team and expect a resolution very soon. In the meantime, the correctly selected option will provide access as demonstrated here:

Please do not hesitate to contact Emerald Customer Support if you require further assistance in this regard.


When all the above checks have been concluded, you may need to reset your cookies. If this is required, please click on the "Reset Authentication" option in the top menu bar to resolve this issue.


Customers who have completed the above audit, are now seeing that their access issues have been resolved. If this is not the case for your institution, please come back to Emerald Customer Support  for further assistance.