Emerald supports the Find Full Text linking function within EndNote by allowing API linking to our full-text using the OpenURL information which is stored against our customer accounts. You will need to speak directly with your Library Support Team to obtain the OpenURL information.

Further information about this process is available here:

Once the enabled, the EndNote Desktop will search for the full-text PDFs within your institution's library subscriptions and attach the PDFs to their corresponding references in your EndNote Desktop library.


Manually adding PDF's
If the full text is not found using Find Full Text, then you can manually attach the PDF to your references. 

This method is useful when you already have the PDF of a reference saved on your computer or USB and the article has a DOI. 


1. In your EndNote Desktop library, click on the reference you would like to attach the PDF to, then:

  • press the Attach File button within the Summary tab on the right panel, then select file and press the Open button.


  • File Attachments > Attach File > select file > press the Open button.

2. Click on any other reference to bring up a "Do you want to save the changes you made to the reference?" pop-up box. Click Yes.

3. Repeat steps 1-2 for each other reference you want to attach a PDF to.