Whilst the availability of eCase is visible to all users at subscribing institutions,  the teaching notes are only accessible to teaching staff based at those institutions. Our eCases products are:

  • The CASE Journal
  • Emerald eCases Collection
  • Emerald Complete eCases Collection
  • Emerald Core eCases Collection
  • Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies

Further information about our cases products is available here.


Accessing the Teaching Notes

For Emerald to provide access to the teaching notes, you will need to:

  1. Register a profile on the Emerald Platform 
  2. Contact Emerald Customer Support to verify that you are a member of teaching staff based at subscribing institution (we reserve the right to validate this with the registered administrator for the institution's Emerald subscription).

Once validated, Emerald Customer Support will assign faculty rights to your profile; which means that when you are logged in at a university site, you will see both the case and the teaching notes all in one place.

Important Note:

The option to access the teaching notes is only displayed if you have been authenticated by your subscribing institution and are also logged into your faculty profile. 

If you are not logged in, you will see the following messages:

Please login to your faculty profile to enable direct access to the Teaching Notes. If you continue to struggle with accessing the Teaching Notes and you do have access to the eCase itself, please email support@emerald.com

If you have been authenticated by your institution and cannot access the eCase then this indicates that your institution does not subscribe to the content you are trying to view and you will not be able to access the Teaching Notes as a result.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emerald Customer Support if you require any further information or assistance.